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Yo Paulie Music was founded in 2015 by me, Paul Croteau. Lately I've been writing  classic jazz cocktail music, reflective piano, plus some lo-fi and trap, but my catalog consists of many genres based on the musical whims of the industry.

I'm originally from Connecticut but moved to Texas for college and have lived here ever since. I'm currently based in San Antonio surrounded by my wife, kids, and more pets than I should probably have.

I graduated from the renowned music school at North Texas, won some awards along the way, then traveled the world as a freelance sideman mostly on saxophone but sometimes playing keyboards. In 2015 my career shifted from performing to composing, and my music is now used by at least 40 different tv shows across 25 countries. Be sure to visit the Music page to hear some of my recent work.

As the tv music industry continues to evolve, I will continue to adapt to ensure my music remains fresh and relevant. Genres come and go, but good music is timeless. My goal is to remain committed to delivering authentic and usable music to support your content.